Jekyll Embed Video Without Plugin
22 Jul 2017
Embed videos in Jekyll webpages without a plugin. If you are hosting your webpage using Github pages, you can’t use third party plugins. Here is a method to use ‘includes’ instead of plugins. This plugin works for both Youtube and...
Embed Video in Github
03 Jul 2017
Sometimes you may want to embed a youtube video into your repository’s file. There are several methods such as using youtube’s auto-generated picture, a video screenshot, or an animated gif. Use youtube’s preview picture We can use youtube’s auto-generated...
Reset Changes Using Git
24 Jun 2017
Git is a version control system that can be extremely useful due to its ability to serve as a backup when something breaks. This concept is not new and has been applied to essentially every video game ever made. Analogous...
Software Engineering
Mirror Git Repository With History
23 Jun 2017
Objective: Replicate state of an origin repository and mirror all history including branches to a new repository. Sometimes you may want to copy files from one repository to another and at the same time, preserve the history, branches, and all...
Software Engineering
Privacy Breaches In Code
28 Apr 2017
Engineering ethics is the set of rules and guidelines that engineers adhere to as a moral obligation to their profession and to the world. When ethics are not followed, disaster often occurs which not only includes large monetary costs and...
Software Engineering
Magic Works With Frameworks
23 Feb 2016
Although there is a learning curve associated with UI frameworks such as Bootstrap and Semantic UI, the initial time investment is worth it in the end. The gained ability to create professional, clean, and aesthetically pleasing webpages in significantly less...
Software Engineering
Semantic UI
Guidelines of Good Programming
06 Feb 2016
Although placement of white spaces and curly braces may seem insignificant, proper code formatting has helped me immensely by making my code more readable and organized. In addition, by having well-formatted code, it has had a significant impact on productivity...
Coding Standards
Git Good At GitHub
28 Jan 2016
For software developers, version control systems and configuration management tools such as Git and GitHub are essential assets at all levels of software development. By having a secure repository to store code with the assurance of an incorruptible “master” version,...
Software Engineering
Version Control
Smart Questions
22 Jan 2016
Programming is never a secluded practice as there is always a link to the open source community, especially when we are stuck in a perplexed state. Luckily, we are not alone as others may have gone through the same problems...
Software Engineering
Adventures with JavaScript
17 Jan 2016
In order to dive into the world of website design and web development, I realized I needed to pick up JavaScript. Although at the time, I had no experience with the JavaScript programming language. However, I had worked with various...
Software Engineering
A Programmer’s Dream
16 Jan 2016
In a sense, programmer’s block is similar to writer’s block where “A writer may run out of inspiration, or be distracted by other events”. In contrast to writer’s block, however, programmer’s block occurs when a developer or engineer has too...
Software Engineering